A Maze N Farmyard


Where is it at?

A Maze N Farmyard
Highway 55



Where are we going today?

A Maze N Farmyard - it's AMAZING fun! (see what we did?).  This very sweet farmyard in rural Minnesota is a place where kids can see, feed, and pet the animals, but also where the kids can go into the baby animal area and hold them! It's a great way for kids to really learn about the animals, and how important it is for animals to be cared for. It teaches them responsibility!

Kids can head into the barn and find a wide variety of animals. Further inside, they can visit the Chicken Coop, Pigeon House and Goat Bridge! Then, want to try something amazing? Why not try and challenge yourself on the 20,000 square foot maze (see, we did it again!)

If you walk up to the second level of the maze, you can overlook the very huge maze, but make sure you grab your maze card before you head in - you can keep track of where you've been, and more importantly, where you need to go!

Grab those sacks! At A Maze N Farmyard kids can enjoy unlimited rides down their 150 foot Giant Slide - just jump in those burlap sacks and push! 

Feeling bouncy? This sweet farm also has 5 very fun and very colorful inflatable bouncers for kids. Ever been on a 21 foot slide in the shape of a dog? Well, there's a first for everything! Kids can climb and play on the fun obstacle course, and a bouncer in the shape of a barn - very fitting!

They can spend some time at the basketball hoops, and even a green and yellow bouncer. 

Want more? Of course you can have more! The whole family can play against each other in a run round of mini-golf on their 9 hole course, or enjoy some sweet pony rides.

An A MAZE ing family fun farm with a host of kids fun!

How much does it cost?

Children: $10 plus tax

Free Under: 2 years


When can we go?

Monday-Saturday 10am - 6pm / Sunday Noon-6pm, Weekends in Sept. and October

Open daily Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day. Weekends only Sept * Oct.


Any top tips?

You can have your birthday at the farm! What a special way to celebrate that special day.

I’m Hungry!

Of course there is a yummy snack shop! They have cool refreshments and quick bites to each - from pizzas, hot dogs, nachos, and popcorn. And yes, ICE CREAM! <p>In summer and weekends in the fall there is a food trailer, with orb dogs, cheese curds and fries. "Deep fried goodness!"

Healthy Eating

You are more than welcome to pack a picnic for lunch, and include nice healthy foods. There is a picnic shelter to enjoy it at, Then the kids can play on the nearby playground afterwards!

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