Time Escape

Richmond, BC

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Address: 3471 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2B8, Canada Number: 604.232.9775 Website Contact How do we get there?

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It's time for a family day out with a difference in Vancouver, because all you have to do is...ESCAPE!

We're not kidding! Time Escape is a great experience for the family where you get to challenge yourselves with this real life escape room! Time Escape's mission is to create the most immersive and logical escape room for the whole family, as well as test your mental ability but putting you in an alternative universe! Sounds pretty amazing!

It's simple really! All you need to do is navigate your way through a series of logical and mind bending puzzles and mysteries in order to escape the room you are locked in. Oh, and you have 45 minutes. Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? Or is it....

The simulations at Time Escape are a great way for families to bond together. You get to work as a team to ensure you complete the tasks, and support each other along the way! Kids also get a chance to show off their problem solving skills too, which is invaluable.

All you need to do is think outside the box, and players of all ages can completely immerse themselves in the specific theme of the room. If the kids have a great imagination, this is the place for them to use it!

In Vancouver, you get to try and end a war between mankind and an evil Dragon, and try and find the lost sword via the magical spellbook!

Perhaps you want to take on the adventure of the Imperial Palace, where secret artifacts can be found. But are they real? Well, that's your job to prove that!

Maybe the secrets of the castle that call you, with endless treasures lost for centuries found within. Is the legend true? We get to find out if you succeed, so what are you waiting for!

Are you brave enough to find the antidote of an evil virus that needs YOU to save the world? We hope so - it's a pretty evil virus!

Time Escape is the next generation of real life escape games, that really gives a family a day out with a difference, so kids, if you feel like you could be the Sherlock Holmes, this one is for you!

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You're not actually "locked" in the room - there are always staff monitoring and you can leave anytime you want to.

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Arrive at least 10, if not 15 minutes before the start of your designated time

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Why not grab something in the area before or after your visit? You aren't permitted to take food into the room

Healthy Eating You can take a water bottle with secure top into the room

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