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    We won a 2 night camping pass so we thought we may as well go . Well as it turns out we may as well have stayed home. The swimming and golfing was ok.. but other than that it was terrible, the lots were so close together and small and not private at all. The front entrance lady Mary was sooooooo rude. Customer service job is not for her. Among other incidents I’ll describe 2 .first of which was when I called to reserve i said “I’d like to reservce 2 nights camping on such and such weekend please , i have a free pass i won ” and she just said ” name ” so i said larissa and she said ” umm your last name ” ,secondly I came to the front booth to register our vehicle and she just looked at me and said “name” so i said Larissa , then she starred at me and scoffed and said ” that’s your last name ???” And i said no , so she scoffed again and said “well can I have your last name ” . I work in customer service where I sometimes need customers names and I never just say ” name rudely , if I want their last name I say last name if I want there full name I say “full name please” etc and more importantly I don’t rudely ,impatiently and sarcastically speak to people . We won’t be back . And to the owners or board of this park , you should probably reposition mary to a job where she doesn’t need to deal with customers and hire somebody who actually is a people person or I imagine you’ll loose more customers.