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Greenview Aviaries Park and Zoo

Chatham-Kent, ON

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Address: 12752 Talbot Trail, Ridgetown, ON N0P 2C0, Canada Number: 519 674 3025 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Greenview Aviaries Park and Zoo is a landscaped country park and zoo is situated in Morpeth, Ontario. Domestic and rare animals such as tiger, lion, cougar, eland, donkeys, wolves, and a multitude of monkeys are available. Bring your camera to our zoo and park, where we showcase a variety of exotic animals, as well as waterfowl, reptiles, and numerous comical monkeys. A playground, splash pad, picnic area, restaurant, and a souvenir shop are also available. All areas are accessible by wheelchair, and our friendly employees are ready to serve you.

Offering a closer look at tigers, lions, jaguars, cougars, zebras, eland, donkeys wolves, plus tropical birds, reptiles and simians.

Large adventure playground and other kid friendly features throughout including a large interactive splash pad water play zone. There is also a charming miniature village on the grounds which smaller kids will adore.

At Greenview Aviaries Park & Zoo, you can encounter some of the most amazing animals in a picturesque South Western Ontario setting. Whether you want to encounter majestic animals like tigers, lions, cougars, or lynxes, or you want to hang out with some comical monkeys or tropical birds, there is something for everyone.

All children can cool down in our splash pad during warm summer days, which is open from early morning until late at night at no additional cost. Don't forget to bring your bathing suit and a towel!

During warm summer months, our splash pad is open from early morning till late at night, at no extra charge. Children of all ages may cool off there. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit and towel!


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$17.00 age 16-64



$12.50 age 3-15



Senior $15.00 65+


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2 years


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Duffy's Bar and Grill plus BBQ opportunities.

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Gift shop offers souvenirs t-shirts, sweat shirts, stuffed animals, postcards and much more!

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*Washrooms and dining area are 100% wheelchair accessible, pathways within the park/zoo are gravel based. Please ensure that anyone with a wheelchair is accompanied by a suitable aid.

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Open May through Mid October 7 days a Week 9am to 8pm.

Year round.

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