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Greater Vancouver Zoo

Langley, BC

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Address: 5048 264 St, Aldergrove, BC V4W 1N7, Canada Number: 604-856-6825 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Hey kids, did you know that Greater Vancouver Zoo is set across a whopping 120 acres in the heart of the Fraser Valley?

Did you also know that the zoo is home to over 140 species of animals from ALL around the world? You could say then, that it might make for a WILD family day out!

Have you ever heard of an Addax, or an Aoudad? Ever wanted to see a giraffe in person, or watch a hippo play? Maybe kids want to come face to face with a North American Black Bear, or see the vibrant ring-tailed lemurs at play.

From mammals, to amphibians, and reptiles, and everything in between 

The Greater Vancouver Zoo is dedicated to preserving and protecting endangered species, and creating an educational environment that inspires appreciation and concern about wildlife and wild places. In short, it's a great place for kids to learn!

Seeing creatures such as the Siberian Tiger or the adorable chinchillas will really allow kids to gain a deeper understanding of conservation, and why it's so important. 

In addition to the many animals that you get to meet, the zoo also offers interpretive talks, as well as behind the scenes tours, AND even zoo sleepovers! So there is so much more to experience than just a visit to the many exhibits. 

So get ready to be part of the animal kingdom at the Greater Vancouver Zoo, and walk on the WILD side with the family!

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$19.50 (Ages 3-17)



Seniors and students receive discounts


Free Under

2 years


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Parking is $6/vehicle.

Any top tips?


They encourage kids to take their own scooters, bikes, and roller blades as it's a great way to get around the zoo! Motorized recreational equipment isn't permitted. If you want something different, hire a Quad to get around!

I'm Hungry!


There are plenty of picnic areas for you to eat your own lunch, you are welcome to bring it! Just don't feed the animals

Healthy Eating Take plenty of bottled water!

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Can I get one of those?


There of course is a gift shop where you can pick up some great gifts and souvenirs, as well as animal-tastic toys for the kids!

Need a little extra help?


They have 3km of wheelchair accessible paved pathways!

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When can we go?

9am - 4pm (Winter Hours). 9am - 7pm (Summer Hours)

Year round

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