Fantômes Montréal Ghosts

Montréal, QC

Where are we going?

Fantômes Montréal Ghosts
360 Rue Saint-François-Xavier
QC H2Y 2S8

514 844 4021

What is there to do?

Ever head something go BUMP in the night? BOO! Well, with Fantomes Montreal Ghosts you can hear what still goes BUMP in the streets of Montreal!

More suited for the older kids, with Fantomes Montreal Ghosts you can really sink your teeth into the ambience of Old Montreal. These family friendly ghost tours will take you on a memorable and unique experience - and allow you to see another part of the city you wouldn't have normally seen! 

There are two types of tour you can choose from. The traditional ghost walks let you follow one of the very experienced storytellers who will take you around the city. They will tell you some of the city's more gruesome legends, and even let you hear about some phenomena that is still unexplained to this day!

Of course, they will also take you to the places that might be...still haunted!

These tours run from June to October, and last about 90 minutes.

But you want something more? Okay then - be brave! If you join a group, you can actually hunt for the ghosts themselves! You will be given a map of the area, and you will go on a search for the villians and heroes of Old Montreal's past.

Each of the ghosts is actually played by a professional comedian, and when you find them, they will tell you the grim and interesting story of their life (and yes...their death!)

Don't forget about Halloween too - it's a very fitting way to spend All Hallows Eve! BOO!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $22

Children: $14.50 (Ages 12 to 17)


Need a little extra help?

They are handicapped friendly, but you must tell them via phone in advance so they can prepare


When can we go?

Tours depart nightly at 8:30pm

June to October. (Private groups all year round)


Any top tips?

They do recommend that kids under 12 don't participate due to the content of the tours

I’m Hungry!

You're in Montreal - there is SO much to eat! There is plenty to grab before or after your tour to fill those rumbling tummies

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