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About All Fired Up Paintable Ceramics

Painting is SO much fun, especially when you get to express yourself and just paint whatever you like! At All Fired Up Paintable Ceramics, they are ALL about art and FUN!

The great thing about All Fired Up Paintable Ceramics, is that you don't actually need to make the ceramics pieces yourself, so it's great for those younger kids who are just getting into art.

All you do, is just arrive, and pick one of the unfinished ceramic pieces on the shelf. There are actually hundreds to choose from! They range from bowls, cups, cars, banks and plates.

Then, you just pick your colors (and kids, what we love about art is that there is no right or just pick ANYTHING you want, no matter what the combination! Then, you find your brush. It could also be a stencil, or a sponge, or any other technique you think it pretty cool. 

Once you're ready to paint, just take your time, and enjoy making your masterpiece. The staff on hand have lots of techniques and ideas to help you out, and you can just take as long as you like.

(If you don't finish, you can always head back to finish your piece off, so don't rush!)

Once you've finished you just hand it over to the staff, who will glaze it, fire it, and then have it ready for you in a week to use or display. How much fun does that sound!? So great for kids too. 

Think All Fired Up Paintable Ceramics is all about pottery? Nope! They also can show you how to make tiles, plates and bowls out of fused glass. Sounds pretty creative! For kids over 7 years they can really learn something unique.

Art fun all around in Ontario with this great family friendly pottery painting experience. Go get those fingers messy kids!

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All Fired Up Paintable Ceramics FAQ’s

Doing our bit

They use non-toxic, food safe and lead free paints and glaze, so you can safely use anything you make if it is a bowl or a plate, or similar

Any top tips when visiting?

Kids over 4 years can have their birthday at the studio! There are certain hours in the week you can choose from, and it's a great way for kids to get creative with friends.

Does All Fired Up Paintable Ceramics have a gift shop?

After a week you can take your piece home with you!

Teachers corner

They love helping you find something creative to do with students. They have a creative program that can either have you go to them, or they can come to you!

Is All Fired Up Paintable Ceramics fully accessible?

If you have special needs, just give them a call to see how they can accommodate you

Any additonal information?

If the kids really take a liking to it, check out the Art Camp they hold over summer!