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Parsons Pony Farm Florence

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Parsons Pony Farm
5710 Yarrow Road
Tel: 406 273 3363


The ponies will be waiting for you at 5710 Yarrow Road in Florence (no, not Italy - Montana!)

If you are on Hwy 93, take the turn off onto Old US 93 then onto Wager Lane. This turns right onto Jones Road, then just left onto County Line Road. Yarrow Road will be a left turn.

Where are we going today?

Parson's Pony Farm is a sweet activity for kids, whether they have ridden a pony before or not.

In fact, the ponies are so used to kids (they attend about 30 parties a year!) and have such sweet natures, it's almost the perfect opportunity for those kids who haven't yet to ride to give it a go. They will be in good hands (well...horseshoes!)

There are a number of ride options that you can pick from. The short and sweet PonyWood Forest ride is about 15 minutes long, and can cover one of five different trails. These are perfect for young riders but be warned - kids might not be able to stop at just one! 

For a slightly longer ride they can try the Hidden Pond Trail at 40 minutes. This includes a PonyWood Forest Trail ride, then they head up onto the mountain to find the pond. It's great practice for some up and down terrain, ducking under branches and weaving through the trees can be pretty fun!

Finally there is the Loop the Loop Trails. At about 70 minutes, it really crams it all in! First, kids get a hands on lesson in hoof cleaning, grooming and saddling, then off to the PonyWood Forest then mountain adventure! They can explore the forest as they cross creeks, and try and spot some amazing wildlife! 

Parents, if they are a little nervous to head out on their own, you are more than welcome to hike alongside them as they ride, or you can enjoy the picnic tables or hammocks and enjoy a good book or natter as they head off on their adventure! 

There isn't an age limit for riders, but there is a 100lb weight limit for all the ponies (except Roanie - he's pretty strong so can manage 140lbs!)

The ponies are gentle and small so it's important that they are well looked after.

Make sure you reserve your spot before you arrive, and say hi to Roanie for us! 

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When can we go?

Rides by appointment

Available year round

Any Top Tips?

If you would love to have your friends enjoy some riding time, why not celebrate your birthday out in the forest with them? .

More information

If you love the ponies you can even hire them out to your very own birthday parties! .

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    We visited this farm on May to give a ride for my 26 month old daughter.
    Suzy loves kids and her ponies. There are many trails with story, and I believe that all kids and teens will love to ride ponies along the trails.
    My daughter wanted to ride another pony again after the first ride, and she loves to watch the pictures and videos taken from here.

    It is difficult to find, and takes about 30min from I-90, but it is worth to visit when you drive across Montana along I-90 with your kids!

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