Macaw Landing Wildlife Refuge Portland

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Macaw Landing Wildlife Refuge
P.O. Box 17364
Tel: (503)286-0882

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Back in 1992, just after the foundation was formed, we opened a public viewing exhibit with eight macaws, five large macaws and three miniature macaws, in the Jantzen Beach Shopping Center in Portland, Oregon. For over four years the space was provided for us free of charge, until major remodeling did away with our section. Our eight adopted macaws have grown to more than ninety. Our space has grown from a twenty by thirty foot display to a fifteen hundred square foot flight and a eight hundred square foot bird room. The macaws that have a home here at the foundation have been placed by their previous owners who believe that macaws should not be kept as pets and that their birds would be more contented living in the company of other macaws. We also have a variety of other critters: our donkey Speckles (who thinks he's a dog), our African goose,who loves people, a spirited gaggle of geese, Attacus our rescued horse, our chickens and Silkie the rooster and two Pygmy goats. Along with our farm animals you may spot an assortment of wild animals as well: deer, coyotes, raccoons, beaver, Western Painted turtles, rabbits, and in the summer and spring a symphony of frogs fills our evening air.
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Conditions: Rain
Temp: 46° F / 8° C
Humidity: 87 %
Wind: S - 11 MPH


Conditions: Rain
Temp: 45° F / 7° C
Humidity: 85 %
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Conditions: Chance of Rain
Temp: 45° F / 7° C
Humidity: 84 %
Wind: SE - 5 MPH

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