John McConnell Math and Science Center Grand Junction

Where is it at?

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John McConnell Math and Science Center
2660 Unaweep Avenue
Grand Junction
Tel: 970 254 1626


Hello? Yes...oh it's for you. It's science calling. They are on Orchard Mesa at 2660 Unaweep Ave.

Where are we going today?

Who says maths and science can't be fun!? 

The John McConnell Math & Science Center is a fun and friendly experience where kids can have math and science brought to life for them!

Here, science is literally in your hands!  They have laid out the basic elements of science for both kids and adults to investigate hands-on.

Turn, look, pull, push, feel, try, question...anything you need to do to understand it better!  There are fun and colorful interactive exhibits that deal with technology, engineering, math, and science. And it makes it fun!!

There are even super cool bug cams that you can use to study the real life bugs in the center!  You can watch an air cannon blow out birthday candles from 10 feet away, or get your brave hat on and get up close with a real LIVE beehive!

There's a fun hydrogen fuel cells exhibit, super strong microscopes to use, and a camera that lets you see your own eye up super close!

The first Thursday of every month is family science night, each with a different theme, so the whole family can come down and explore!

There are plenty of things for the small kids to experience too - as some of the exhibits are perfect for those even as young as 3. 

So get touching, feeling, smelling and exploring because science and math are now officially fun!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$4
  • Children$4

When can we go?

10am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday. Field Trips by Appointment Monday through Friday.

Teachers corner

The center offer extensive and comprehensive educational facilities and programs to school ground. Many groups are booked in 2 hour slots. It's a great way for science and math students to gain a deeper understanding. .

Any Top Tips?

The average visit is about 2 hours, so make sure you leave plenty of time to enjoy and most importantly, experiment and play!.

More information

If you fancy your birthday party being held at the center, they have allocated Saturdays for this. There are also fun camps and special events that are held, so make sure you register if you don't want to miss out!.

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    I ve been to so many places that are living museams and places for kids around the country and it was quite a suprise to find such a gem in our own back yard

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