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Idaho Aquarium
64 North Cole Road
Tel: 208-375-1932


You can find them the corner of Franklin and Cole Road, at 64 N. Cole Road in Boise.

Where are we going today?

We just LOVE the idea of the ocean and all the creatures that inhabit it, and Idaho Aquarium can allow you to feel like you actually are under the ocean, spending time with all the weird and wonderful creatures that they have down there!

They have over 250 species of oceanic life, with tanks built especially for kids!

Ever touched a shark or a ray?  Do you want to?  Be brave, you might just love the feel of their skin!  Is it what you imagined?  The shark and ray tank, as well as the ride pool exhibit, allow you to get your hands wet and actually TOUCH the creatures that are living in there.  Even the smallest kids in the family can have a go!

You can learn more about the sharks in the Shark and Puffer exhibit, where they have a number of shark species that you can learn about, as well as a coral reef which provides another level of healthy filtration for the sharks.  Do you know how that is?  Best get down there to find out the answer!

Go deep into the Amazon with stingrays, catfish and bass all found in the depths of South America, or visit the Octopus Palace where you can witness these incredible creatures who have the problem solving ability of an 8 year old - bet you didn't know that! 

The aquarium isn't just those that live in the ocean, however.  They have cute dwarf Caiman Alligators that you can look at up close (sometimes they have babies!), as well as colorful and beautiful birds in their aviary. 

If you want to spend your birthday happily under the ocean with all the creatures, they can hold your birthday party here!  

Oh I want to be....under the sea....

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$10 (Over 12)
  • Children$5 (ages 3 - 6) / $7 (ages 7 - 11)
  • Free Under: 2

When can we go?

Sunday to Thursday 10am - 6pm / Friday & Saturday 10am - 8pm

Teachers corner

They offer school groups, as their education center lets kids study water samples, use the microscope and lots more fun and interactive activities. They will learn about the animals of the ocean, their habitats and what they can do to conserve it..

I'm Hungry!

Soda and Krazy Kritters drinks are available in the gift shop, and there is an area to eat snacks..

Any Top Tips?

Food for the animals is only sold until they are full. Most of the exhibits are very hands on-short sleeves are recommended for reaching in to touch them. Weekday mornings are the best for feeding!.

Doing our bit

They are a non-profit organization who dedicates itself to inspiring and education the community on why its important to conserve oceanic life. A very important thing to do! .

Need a little extra help?

All of their exhibits and tanks are accessible to disabled visitors..

Baby Facilities

They have changing tables..

Can I get one of those?

Lots of things are available to remind you of your visit into the great unknown! (Well, now you know about it!) Stuffed animals, key chains, board games, sea shells, shark teeth, jewellery, and fun toys are just some of what you can pick up. .

More information

They sell shark food, tropical fish food, lorikeet food, and puffin food every day until they are full - enrich your experience as feeding the animals just adds to the fun! .

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  • "An aquarium? Puleez..."

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    A high school project possibly? Housed in an old small warehouse off the beaten path, aquaria and reptilian both were mixed to create informal displays as if one were visiting a pet shop. Definitely not worth the steep entry fee! Disappointing!

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