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Fun Time America Eatontown

Where is it at?

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Fun Time America
269 New Jersey 35
Tel: 732 583-4600

Where are we going today?

Are you ready for a LOT of fun all in the one place? Fun Time America is just that - a FUN TIME!

There is over 40,000 square feet of amazing fun for the whole family, with a range of activities ready and waiting for families just like yours! 

Carnival rides? Why not! Fun Time America LOVES bringing a smile to your face, and with their games and rides, they have certainly done a great job!

Fun Time America is also indoors, so you never have to worry about the rain at the carnival! You can take a spin on Monkey Mayhem knowing you will be fine in all weather! Kids under 12 years will love the Apache Helicopter where they can soar across whatever their imagination lets them!

BUMP! You must have found the bumper cars! These favorite cars are for the more adventurous kids and are a great way for the family to enjoy a little competition!

Active kids will love taking on the challenge of Laser Tag! It's Hide & Seek brought into the 21st century as they take on the opposing team combat style! It's also very safe (parents you will be glad to hear!) because it's not physically shooting anything - it's all lights!

Kids will have a Cliffhanger at the 20' Rock Wall! Each of the routes are color coded to show their degree of difficulty, so you can start on the easier ones and make sure your way up to the tougher ones. A great way for kids to see themselves improving!

Perhaps kids would prefer to take on the Ninja Challenge Obstacle Bounce, or perhaps just enjoy the multi-level Club Bounce House? Whatever you choose, you will be enjoying some colorful inflatables that you can bounce away until your hearts content!

Amazing kids fun at Fun Time America - and you'll be pressed to not have a FUN TIME! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsAttractions individually priced from $3
  • ChildrenAttractions individually priced from $3

When can we go?

10am open. Close 9am Mon - Wed / 10am Thurs & Sun / 11pm Fri / midnight Saturdays

All year round

Teachers corner

They have group packages available! Great for over 15 students, and they also offer Lunch and Learn field trips which include study AND fun! (and pizza!).

I'm Hungry!

The USA cafe has a variety of foods for you, including pizza and snacks..

Healthy Eating!

They sell water at the cafe, and all the items are made fresh. They have salads too .

Any Top Tips?

You can have your birthday party at the venue! There are packages to choose from so you can really pick what is right for you.

Doing our bit

Some of the rides have height and age restrictions because they are all about kids safety. Make sure you take note. .

Need a little extra help?

If you have special needs, just give them a call to see how they can help! .

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    I luv this placer it is so dang fun thats probably y they call it fin time

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