1. Ana Sosa

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    Amazing!!!! I had my sons birthday party here, he turned 2. Its clean, new, owner is very nice, and inexpensive. Although the plaza is not nice but the inside is perfect. I had family drive down from orlando just for my sons bday and they enjoyed it. Everyone was entertained by something. This is the only place that my guest could let their children play and not worry about them. Extremely safe for toddlers. My guest have told me that they never have felt so sure in leaving their 1 and 2 year olds run around. Parents could actually sit down and enjoy and not have to run after their kids. This was the only place that allowed me to rent the space. No indoor playground in miami offers that. Trust me I’ve called them all. All of them have so called package deals. I wanted to bring my own food and decor, they rented the space and did the clean up which is what I was looking for. I would plan another party here in a heartbeat. Highly recommend. Price, cleanliness, safety, atmosphere all 2 thumbs up.