Super Bowl

Appleton, WI

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Address: 2222 E Northland Ave, Appleton, WI 54911, USA Number: 920-739-9503 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

And STRIKE....! But unlike baseball, if you get a strike here, there's a good chance you'll win!

Super Bowl in Wisconsin is a fun family center where you can try and get all the strikes that you can!

Ten Pin Bowling is great for the family. It's a sport where you can enjoy it as a team (or some friendly competition if that's how you like to play!) but also it's great for those kids to get active.

Bowling is also a great sport no matter how experienced you are. You can take your time, and for those little ones Super Bowl have bumper bowls, so they can practice rolling the balls yet not wasting a turn with those horrible gutter balls (We've all been there!)

We all know the regular bowling set up...but what's cool about Super Bowl is that sometimes they have Galactic bowling! No, you don't head out into space to try and fight gravity with those lanes, but rather they turn up that great music, and surround you with awesome special effects lighting!

So're bowling in what looks like a night club!

If you really take to bowling, then you can always look at the leagues that you can join which gives you regular games.

What's that sound? It sounds like the sound of someone celebrating a birthday! Super Bowl offers great birthday parties for those excited kids who want to spend some great time with friends, great food and fun games! What a great way to spend that big day!

Whether you enjoy the bumpers, challenge yourself to "adult' bowling, or fill that score card with strikes and spares, you will be be in a place that gives it's all to offering great family fun!

Three strikes...and you've probably won!

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How much does it cost?



Specials from $7 game plus rental



Same as adult.


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They always have specials, so keep an eye out for when you want to go and see what they have to offer! They often include great deals including food

Any top tips?


Don't be shy - it's actually easier to get a strike if you use a slightly heavier ball than what you think you can handle!

I'm Hungry!


They have a Sluggers Sports Bar where you can pick up great food. On Sundays they have great food deals too!

Healthy Eating They sell sandwiches at the sports bar

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They LOVE having field trips to the lanes! They have lightweight balls for the students, bumpers, and great deals!

Can I get one of those?


Can you have a birthday party at the center? Yes you can! Check out the great packages they offer to see what suits you best

Need a little extra help?


They have a Pro Shop which is filled with all things bowling if you wanted to buy your own gear!

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When can we go?

Noon to 12am Weekdays / 3pm - Midnight weekends

All year round

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