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The Enfield Shaker Museum's mission is to protect and showcase its historical structures and landscape, as well as Shaker cultural heritage. 

Just what's Shaker culture you might ask? Well, nestled right in a valley between Mascoma Lake and Mt Assurance is the Enfield Shaker which has been cherished for over 200 years. Its peak was actually in the mid-19th century, when the community was home to three "families" of Shakers.

These people practiced equality among other beliefs, and they farmed over 3,000 acres of land, as well as educated children in modern schools, and worshipped in the "Shaker" way

Today, you can learn all about their story in the Enfield Shaker Museum.

The museum's collections enhance your learning experience as all of the objects are made by, used or illustrate the life of the Enfield Shakers, and Shakerism in general.

From the most common of everyday objects, to the largest artifacts of the building and the site itself, you really can gain a sense of appreciation and understanding of this unique way of life, and the lives of those shakers who once lived in this New Hampshire region.

It's a day of learning, exploration and discover about a fascinating aspect of New Hampshire's rich history

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How much does it cost?






$3 (Ages 6 to 10), $8 (Ages 11 to 17)



Free for members and Enfield residents


Free Under

5 years


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Any top tips?


You can stay overnight! They have 20 guest rooms available in the Great Stone Dwelling. At this time all of the guest rooms are accessible only by stairs.

I'm Hungry!


They have an outdoor picnic area and a selection of snacks and beverages in the gift shop

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Where is it at?


The Enfield Shaker Museum is located on Route 4-A in Enfield, New Hampshire (12 miles southeast of Hanover, N.H.).

Teachers corner


They have a History Alive program for 4th and 5th graders, as well as one for 6th to 12th grade programs. Book at least two weeks in advance

Can I get one of those?


The Museum Gift Shop is open every day from May through December, offering a variety of handmade Shaker reproduction oval boxes and brooms, books, herbal products, toys, and local crafts.

Need a little extra help?


Over half of the buildings, the gardens and cemetery are accessible by wheel chair. The Museum’s buildings and exhibits are connected by dirt roads and stone pathways and are spread out over several acres. It is also possible to drive between many of their buildings. The Feast Ground is a 1/2 mile uphill hike.

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When can we go?


10am - 5pm daily

Closed only New Years Eve / Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve / Day

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