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Abilene and Smoky Valley Railroad Abilene

Where is it at?

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Abilene and Smoky Valley Railroad
1887 Rock Island Depot
200 SE 5th
Tel: 785-263-1077


Your locomotive adventure can begin as soon as you reach 200 SE Fifth St, Abilene, 67410. If you get lost, try and spot the puffs of smoke chugging along in the distance!

Where are we going today?

Chugga chugga.....chugga chugga..... Toot! Toot!

Have you ever used your imagination to take you back to the days of when steam trains made their way under puffs of thick smoke across the country?  

Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad allow you to go back in time and take to the tracks in authentic turn of the century steam trains.  They have the only operating steam locomotive in Kansas, but also offer a number of unique trips for the whole family on a variety of models. 

The regular passenger train offers a tour which lasts approximately 1 hour 45 minutes, as does the impressive 1919 steam train.  For those wanting to make an evening out of it, both trains offer dinner tours where you can sit back and enjoy your meal with the landscape of Kansas passing you by.  These tours aren’t regular so keep an eye on their website for the schedule. 

Tours will take you 12 miles and show you some of the unique sites in the area, such as historic stone churches, and homes within the German, Swedish and British communities that are located nearby.  The entire trip is narrated so you can learn about all the history and culture as you take in the scenery. 


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How much does it cost?

  • Adults12 and over - $30 excl. tax
  • Children3-11 - $15 excl. tax
  • Free Under: 2

Teachers corner

Students can enjoy a one hour round trip from Abilene which will allow them to experience the various museums as well as learn about the history of the steam train. The trips can be scheduled at any time of the day so can fit around your schedule, which is a great convenience. .

I'm Hungry!

Food is provided on the specific dinner cruises, so have a look at the website for dinner options as they aren’t regular services and the meal options change. Students on the school trips are welcome to bring their own lunch and eat during the tour. .

Any Top Tips?

The tours sound great, but you have always wanted to be a steam engineer we hear you say? Well aren’ t you lucky? The railroad also offer the chance to actually become a steam engineer for the day, and really allows you to get a one of a kind, hands on experience. .

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    Fascinating trip back in time. Neat way to experience Kansas!

    Unlike back-in-time Republicans of Kansas.

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