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About Houdini's Escape Room Experience - Swindon

Houdini’s Escape Rooms are based in multiple cities around the UK and provide real-life escape game experiences. Players are locked inside a themed room and need to work as a team to solve a series of puzzles, riddles, and hints in order to escape within the 60-minute time limits. With a wide variety of themes, ranging from Alcatraz Prison to the magic of Harry Houdini, players are sure to spend an unforgettable time with friends and family. How will you escape...?

Escape rooms available at Houdini's Swindon:

Escape from Alcatraz (2-6 players)

The year is 1952, you have been convicted of multiple murders that you claim you're innocent of. With only an hour to go before your execution, surely it's too late for your brother to finally prove your innocence and save your life?

​Can you escape your prison cell in the infamous Alcatraz before the guards come to take you to the electric chair?

Escape from RMS Titanic (2-6 players)

On April 10th 1912 the largest ship ever build left Southampton on her maiden voyage. She was called the ship of dreams, transporting people to New York in the height of luxury.

​Just 4 days into the journey disaster struck as she collided with an iceberg.

On board, as first class passengers, with the impending doom; what would you do to escape the ill-fated ship?

Room 13 (2-6 players)

You and a group of friends are travelling through the night when your car unexpectedly breaks down on a deserted road. Thankfully you spot a light in the distance and eventually stumble upon the entrance to a time-worn hotel. To your relief, the manager informs you that a single vacancy has just become available, though if you wish to stay you must promise not to attempt to enter Room 13. The hour is late so you happily agree to this strange request.

As you settle in for the night, you think you hear the distance sound of a woman calling for help. You attempt to leave your room but find it locked shut.

Can you escape your room and discover the location of the mystery voice? 

Whatever you do, do not enter Room 13!

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Adults £25

Children £25

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Last Update 2023

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Houdini's Escape Room Experience - Swindon FAQ’s

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at Houdini's Escape Room Experience - Swindon?

Food and drinks are available at Tenpin Swindon.

Enjoy our special deals:
Every Thursday - Escape Room & Burger Meal at only £15 per player.
Use code BURGER15 at the checkout. Min. of 4 players.

Every Friday - Escape Room & Cocktail/Mocktail Picther at only £17.50 per player.
Use code FRIDAYFUN at the checkout. Min. of 4 players.

Every Sunday - Escape Room & 2 Free Pizza at only £15 per player.
Use code PIZZA at the checkout. Min. of 4 players.

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