Recently many of our visitors have suggested we add a review section so they can see how other people have enjoyed and rated their time at the attractions we list. We have now built a new system that will allow people to do exactly this and it is now available to use.

You will see a new section called Attraction Reviews , which is featured on each attraction page,  lower down after the information displayed. Here you will see other peoples reviews which also feature a star system. Zero stars for a negative experience and five for a very positive one, the average is then displayed.

There is also a button called Review This Attraction where you can login (now also via Facebook too!) and add your own review.


Also when you do a search now you will see the star rating system next to the attarction names, if anyone has reviewed. Once we have enough reviews you will also be able to search by the most popular.

We hope this will help visitors not only find attractions nearby, but also work out which ones people have had a really great time at!

We hope everyone will use this opportunity to get your voice heard and as always ask everyone to be consdierate when making reviews that they are in keeping with our family theme and to manage this we will have an approval process for each review.

As always we appreciate any feedback you may have and look forward to continually improving the website so people can get more and more out of this ever growing resource.


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