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Things To Do For Active Kids in Reno, NV

Are you ready to explore the “Biggest Little City In the World!” Yep - we’re talking about Reno!

Reno is ALL about adventure, and certainly there’s plenty of adventure to be had with the family, so your family day out will be jam packed with FUN!

From things to do with active kids, to cultural activities and even treasure hunts, Reno almost has TOO much kids fun!
It’s the city of exploration! Kids can explore the mystery and wonder of space with the Fleischmann Planetarium, or explore the art world at the Nevada Museum of Art.

They can explore the animals at places like Sierra Safari Zoo and Animal Ark, and explore 67,000 square feet of hands-on discovery fun at The Discovery science center!

Kids can explore what it’s like to get behind the wheel of a racing car at Need 2 Speed, or they can look back at the history of the racing car - and other cars for that matter - at the National Automobile Museum!

Didn’t we tell you there might be TOO much fun! Best head there to find out! 

Reno Attractions Map

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