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Caves And Mines in Montana

Montana is a truly special state. It's how America used to be. This true Wild West state has unspoilt wilderness and fascinating wildlife. A true frontier state! There is a wild outdoors unlike any other, and a great history which kids can learn about, and that includes dinosaurs! With battlefield sites, western experiences and stunning landscapes with mountains and lakes, this Treasure State has plenty of places to visit with kids, and adults alike!

Who says the adventure in Montana needs to be above ground! Did you know that Montana has some great underground adventures, and we're here to help you decide which to enjoy!

How about we start with Pictograph Cave State Park? This is one of the most significant archaeological sites in the entire state, with over 30,000 artifacts for kids to experience. These showcase the prehistoric culture in the region, and you can even see the artwork in the caves!

Amazing caves in Montana to witness!

If you want to delve into more history, visit Lewis and Clark Caverns in Whitehall. Kids will love exploring this limestone cave, as it's one of the largest in the entire world!

Guided tours help you through these natural wonders, so why not take an adventure with a difference on your next family day out in Montana. 

Underground fun awaits! 

Montana Image Montana Image

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