Things to do in Yellowknife with kids

Quick quiz! What’s amazing, super fun for kids, and only 3.062km from the North Pole? Yellowknife of course!

This fascinating city is one of the best places in the WORLD to see the Northern Lights. An incredible experience for kids!

Explore the Northern Lights in cozy cabins with hot chocolate, or even lead your own dog sled expedition with companies such as Beck’s Kennels! Amazing!

Soak up the fascinating culture can be experienced at centers such as the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center, where historic artifacts such as clothing, hunting tools and working tools from tribes who lived in the area can be found.

They also have a fun Arts and Cultural center which offer fun theatre programs! And of course, there is the great outdoors to explore!

Attractions such as Cameron River Falls Trail can take kids to see waterfalls freezing over in winter (and walking across it in summer!) to super fun terrain trails.

Take the kids to a part of the country and the WORLD they will never forget!

There are so many fun things to do in Yellowknife with kids, we have a feeling you just might not want to leave!


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