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National Parks / Natural World in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is an amazing place for kids to visit. The real badlands of Canada! There is so much character, and unique landscapes for kids to explore and experience. There are plenty of ranches for the family to visit, dinosaurs to uncover, museums to excite kids, and adventurous activities such as zip lines and paintball. So much kids fun to be had! You certainly won't be short of fun things to do with kids in Saskatchewan. An amazing family day out adventure!

Grasslands, farms, forest…and FUN! Saskatchewan is an incredible place with so much character – it’s the badlands of Canada.

And yes – with badlands of course comes  both history…and DINOSAURS! The T Rex Discovery Center is a great way for kids to get their dino fix, whilst the province is home to so many other great museums like the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and Science Center.

What’s that sound? Only the incredible wilderness calling you! From Grasslands National Park with hikes and wildlife, to the activity filled provincial parks like Blackstrap and Buffalo Pound, the Saskatchewan outdoors couldn’t get any better for a family getaway.

Those active kids still want more? Good thing you’re in this great part of Canada! In true badlands style, there are ranches a-plenty such as Beaver Creek Ranch and Willow Creek Guest Ranch.  There are also amazing adventure centers such as Blue Mountain Outdoor Adventure Center with zip lines, paintball and skiing!

Did we mention Saskatchewan is also home to the sunniest town in Canada – it keeps getting better!


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Can't find your Attraction?

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