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The Best Australian Foods That Every Child Should Experience!

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Australia has some incredible food, but in this Family Days Out Blog we'll share with you The Best Australian Foods That Every Child Should Experience!

Australia has some of the best food in the world! The freshest seafood, the most delicious fruits, and some of the best quality meat you'll discover anywhere. 

There are, however, some Australian foods that are so iconic that every child should at least try one or all at some point - so on your next Family Day Out, why not keep an eye out for these Aussie classics and make them part of your family fun!

Ready for your tummies to rumble? Here we go!

Main Image Credit: Photo by Léo Roza on Unsplash


The ultimate Australian classic, Vegemite was created back in 1922 in Melbourne, and this thick, dark brown food spread has a love/hate relationship with most who live outside of the Land Down Under.  Within Australia, however, it's a national treasure and something all who visit should try!

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash


Anyone with a sweet tooth, Pavlova is the ultimate dessert and one that Australians have been proudly enjoying since the early 20th century (some say it could have originated in New Zealand though!). Named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this meringue-based dessert is perfect with deliciously light cream and fruit lathered on top but be careful - one bite won't be enough! 

Photo by Eugene Krasnaok on Unsplash


For any child that ever had a birthday party in Australia, Fairy Bread would have been a staple and for good reason - it's delicious! Fairy Bread is simple - white bread, butter, and hundreds and thousands. Simple but perfect, and is great to take on picnics too!


On par with Caramello Koalas, Freddo Frogs started life in 1970 as Freddy Frogs as these small, delicious chocolate treats are Australia's most popular. Pick up the solid milk chocolate frog as well as the one filled with a delicious, gooey caramel - after all, you have to try both to know which one is your favourite!


Despite originating in Asia, Mangoes are on our list because the taste of Mangoes sold in Australia are unlike anything else and make an absolutely delicious snack for kids! Just cut the mango in half, then score it and push it out so it looks like a hedgehog and tuck in!

Photo by Desirae Hayes-Vitor on Unsplash


Whilst Freddo Frogs might be Australia's most popular chocolate treat, the Tim Tam is the most popular and iconic chocolate biscuit! Available in milk chocolate, to dark chocolate and even double-layered, a packet of Tim Tams is an easy option to pop into your bag or picnic hamper and enjoy as a treat as you explore the fun things to do across the country!


Nothing beats an Aussie meat pie, and they are so good you don't need anything else than just that dollop of tomato sauce on the top and away you go. This isn't a sponsored post, but we wanted to share that Mrs Mac's have always been our personal favourites! Always try the traditional plain meat pie as there is just so much flavour, but special mention to that beef, cheese and bacon pie. Mmmm!

Image Credit: Mrs Mac's


Cheese twisties are a rite of passage for any child, and these delicious, curly corn-based cheesey strips of taste are the best "crisp" style products you'll find in Australia. They are a true snack staple and great for when those little ones tummies are starting to rumble. Don't forget to lick those fingers after the packet has emptied because the flavours will still be clinging on!


This sweet oat, syrup and coconut based biscuit is associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps which were established in World War I. Also known as "ANZAC bikkies", these delicious biscuits are easy to make, and always come out every Australia Day, however can be enjoyed year round.


Whilst Britain is seen as the place for fish & chips, Australia really does give the UK a run for its money. Visiting one of those incredible Australian beaches just calls for a fish & chip lunch as you look out over the waters, and because Australia has some of the freshest seafood you'll ever experience, you won't be disappointed! For those who want to be a little healthier too, grilled fish is often an option.

Photo by Seb Reivers on Unsplash


Found at takeaway fish & chip shops, the potato scallop is a greasy, flat disc of deliciousness that is perfect when the classic chicken salt is added. The ultimate accompaniment to your takeaway purchase, it's a small treat that will give you all the flavour feels long after the scallop is over (and don't be confused with the seafood scallop, this is all potato!)


Just like the Tim Tam, pavlova and vegemite, some Australian foods almost need their own Australian hall of fame, and the lamington belongs in that category. These sponge cake squares covered in chocolate and desiccated coconut originated in Queensland and today are enjoyed all over the country. If you want to go a bit further, try a thin slice of jam or cream between two halves!


Australia has a large Chinese population, which means you will be able to enjoy some of the most incredible Chinese food you've ever tasted! One of our favourite places has always been Chinese trolley dim sum. Here, you just sit at your table and watch all the trolleys come past you, picking what small dish you like before it moves on. This process is always fun for kids, and because the dishes are so small you can try a range of flavours, introducing kids to items they might not normally think they'll like. The whole atmosphere is fun, and a great experience for the family!


Kangaroo might be one of the most unique and iconic species of wildlife that you can spot in Australia, but they also are one of the must-try dishes when you visit.  In fact, the history of kangaroo as a meal goes back to indigenous Australians who enjoyed it as a staple source of protein. The harvesting of kangaroo meat within Australia is incredibly controlled, so you know that your food will be sustainable and ethical. 


The sausage sizzle or good ol' Aussie BBQ is a staple of most weekends, most days out, most camping trips, Christmas, New might be safe to say that it's a staple of every Australian! What's great about Australia is that just like the US are geared up for RVs, Australia are geared up for BBQs. A lot of public parks and beaches have public BBQs that you just put in a coin and it runs for a certain amount of time. Definitely something that needs to be incorporated into any outdoor based day out!

Photo by Jonathan Taylor on Unsplash


First released to ice-cream loving Australians in 1959, the Golden Gaytime continues to be a staple of those hot summer days.  Made up of delicious toffee and vanilla ice-cream all wrapped in compound chocolate and vanilla biscuit-esque crumbs, all on that classic wooden lollipop style stick. Mmmm!


Fantales are often a schoolyard staple not just because of the delicious chocolate-covered chewy caramels that are found inside the wrapper, but because of the wrapper itself! Introduced in the 1930s and shortly after the first "talkies", the wrappers include biographies of movie stars as a way to promote the films - often sold as movie theatre candy.


What's better than an ice-cream? An ice-cream with bubble gum! This cowboy style ice-cream (complete with large hat), is strawberry (for the face), caramel (for his moustache) and chocolate (for his hat) ice-cream all perfectly working together. Then, turn it over and find a delicious layer of chocolate on the back. Spot a hole in the hat? That resembles a gun shot! The colour and flavour of the bubble gum nose is always a surprise, making it an exciting reveal with every purchase!


Cherry Ripe chocolate bars date back as early as 1924, making it one of the country's oldest chocolate bars AND still one of the most popular. The recipie is simple - cherries and coconut all rolled in chocolate. Sound delicious? That's because it is!


Like the meat pie, the sausage roll is a must for any Aussie day out. Great for a snack or a quick lunch, this Australian staple is best kept authentic - just a plain sausage roll with a dollop of tomato sauce. Tuck in, and enjoy!

Image Credit: Mrs Mac's

So now you have heard some of the most delicious and most iconic Australian foods, which ones will you incorporate on your next Aussie family day out? Comment and share what you've enjoyed, and any we're missed!

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