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Family Days Out visits Salem Witch Museum! - Family Days Out

familyDaysOut Feb 25, 2019

Family Days Out was lucky enough to visit the fascinating Salem Witch Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, and had an insightful, educational and wonderful time there!

If you are visiting this famous New England city with your family, the Salem Witch Museum is a must-do for any family day out. Why? Well, we'll tell you!

The Salem Witch Museum is located in a beautiful renovated church building, and opened its doors in 1972 to tell the true story behind the Salem witch trials of 1692. Not only do you learn what happened during that infamous period, but you also gain an understanding of the witch-hunts and witchcraft phenomenon of the 15th century, right into modern-day.

When you arrive at the museum, you are greeted by the incredibly friendly staff, and begin your journey at the next scheduled presentation time (or just tell the admission desk which time you would like!) Once it's your allocated time, you make your way into a darkened auditorium and experience the first of two presentations.  All around you, illuminated stage sets follow a narration that tell the story of the 1692 events. The atmosphere created really adds to the experience, and despite the subject matter, it's not too spooky for younger kids. 

We found ourselves in a group with a number of families, with all of the children captivated by the story being told around them.

Once the narration ends, you move through to the second exhibit, "Witches: Evolving Perceptions", which is a staff-guided tour that discusses the European witch-trails, and how the word "witch" has evolved over time, as well as witch-hunts in the modern day.

The exhibit discusses the history of Paganism, and how those who healed with herbs and natural medicines were the basis for the modern day witch, and touches on witch iconography in Hollywood. Yes, The Wizard Of Oz is mentioned too! Kids, can you guess how that film contributed to what people thing witches look like now? 

What's great about this section of the tour, is that you get a member of staff to not only explain the exhibit, but also to ask questions too. Kids, fire away! They are really knowledgeable and welcoming, and love educating all who visit on the history. At the end of the tour, you also discuss about what modern day situations and events mirror the witch trails, which is a really invaluable lesson for children.