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Family Days Out tours New Orleans with Island of Algiers Tours! - Family Days Out

familyDaysOut Feb 25, 2019

Family Days Out were lucky enough to visit New Orleans, and spend the afternoon with Island of Algiers Tours who took us through the iconic Historic Voodoo Museum, as well as the very famous and beautiful St Louis Cemetery No. 1, and we had a great time!

Our tour guide was "Nu Awleons" Nate, who by all accounts was exactly the character you would want to meet in such a city. He was charming, charismatic, great to talk to and even better to listen to! Whilst strolling around the New Orleans sites is wonderful on your own as a family, having a tour guide such as Nate adds a whole other level. You can FEEL the magic of the city, and it's a great way to learn about the culture and history.

We met Nate at the Historic Voodoo Museum, where he took us through the two rooms of the small yet charming museum. We had made our way around the museum before his arrival, and read the information cards on the wall, but what Nate brought to the table was so much more than we took from those cards. He really brought to life the history and traditions of all things voodoo, and some of the facts might just surprise you!

The museum features artifacts on the infamous Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, including her kneeling bench, and whilst the museum isn't huge, it's crammed full of fascinating items and artifacts. Take caution with smaller kids, as there are human skulls, alligator heads and human skeletons in the museum, so depending on how sensitive they are, it might not be suitable for them.

Once Nate finished his incredibly in-depth talk at the museum (bringing on board other keen listeners as he did so!), we made our way on foot towards the St Louis Cemetery No. 1 via a couple of other notable sites along the way.

We stopped at the site that Marie Laveau's house once stood, as well as the historic and moving Congo Square, before arriving at the most famous and most visited cemetery in the city of New Orleans.

It's worth noting here that St Louis Cemetery No. 1 can only be visited with a reputable tour guide, so you will need to go through a company to visit, and we highly recommend Island of Algiers Tours after our time with them.  It's just as well too, because the cemetery has so much history, you need someone there to tell you what to look out for.