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Creating a Learning Calendar: How and Why

Oct 14,2022read

This is a fun activity with your kids, and very beneficial for their learning as well.

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Children’s attention can be all over the place. They are usually absorbed with short-term, rather than long-term needs. This happens because “the need” equals “the boring” more often than not. So, how do you channel a kid's energy into learning? This is an age-old question with an age-old answer – make it fun!

There are a lot of aspects of learning that you and your child will have to work through. But let’s keep it to one thing at a time and teach your kid the basics of time management – a crucial skill for anyone, young and old. And one of the basic tools of time management is the calendar. Making a learning calendar with your kid is not only good for their education and independence but also a fun family pass time.

Before you start

You can buy a calendar at a store or draw it by hand. But we need something that is catchy and stands out. Modern problems require modern solutions, and there’s plenty of software that will help design a calendar that will draw attention. This time around, we’ll show you how to do it with the Photo Calendar Creator – a neat program with a wide range of tools and templates.

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1. Choose a template

Run the Photo Calendar Creator and select a calendar type. There are plenty of built-in templates, you can find one that fits your kid's schedule with no problem. You can customize it by changing the size, adding images, setting the dates, and in any other way. The time frame is also changeable, you can easily make weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars. But for the sake of your own convenience (and your kid's memory), it’s better to keep it shorter for the time being.

2. Add proper decorations

What draws the attention of your kid? Superheroes, cartoons, games? Find something beloved by your child and add it as decor. You may even invite the child to take part in this process.

However, keep in mind that the calendar you make is supposed to be informative and easy to understand. So try not to overfill it with stuff, or your calendar will turn out distracting and messy.

3. Adjust the grid

Colors, fonts, sizes, month names, and other aspects of the grid are customizable. You can create your own special style or rely on premade designs. For a children's learning calendar, it’s best to use something vibrant.

4. Fill in the events

Here comes the important part. You can assign important events and activities to different dates. Add your child's curriculum, sport, deadlines as well as birthdays and play dates. Each type of event can be marked with a fitting clip art or an image.

You can let your child take part at this stage as well. After all, they are supposed to learn to plan their time, not the other way around.

5. Print your work

When your design looks pretty and practical, it is time to finalize it and get it printed. Such a learning calendar will look best on the desk or on the wall right above it. You can also save the design for further use.

And that’s it! Working as a Photo Calendar Creator is easy and fun. With it, you can easily create a calendar for a classroom, study, office, or any other place. If you want to create a more advanced design, then read this guide on how to create a school calendar.

The Benefits of Having a Calendar Routine for Kids

a girl with notebook next to a chalkboard

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Most and foremost, following a schedule teaches our children a degree of autonomy. It allows them to exercise independence through knowing what and when to do. And all of that can be taught from the early age of 6. However, little kids rarely enjoy writing. So, when they have to fill up a calendar on their own, let them keep the notes short. 

To ensure that the children follow their schedule, you should follow yours and check out their calendar regularly, preferably every morning and evening. This way you can build your own habit and show your children a good example.

A kids learning calendar is one of many small things that can teach both you and your children some valuable skills in life. A calendar habit teaches your children a valuable approach that they may apply as they grow older. As an adult, I still utilize this strategy. Giving youngsters a visual method to arrange themselves helps them grow more self-sufficient. You're progressively delegating authority to them. This also removes another chore from your lengthy "to-do" list.

When we begin the day gently, we may take that serenity with us throughout the day.

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