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familyDaysOut Feb 14, 2018

                                                         WE'RE CELEBRATING A BIRTHDAY!

But let's start back to basics - what is President's Day, and why do we celebrate it in the USA?

Well, the first president of the United States was yep, you guessed it - George Washington. So Washington's Birthday officially honors the life and work of this great man. And Washington's Birthday (records show he was born February 22nd!) is also known as - yep, got it right again - President's Day.

Depending on which state you live in, determines which you will celebrate. But either way, super fun family days out can be had and this year, it falls on Monday February 19th. 

Let's get exploring!

Attend George Washington's Birthday Parade!


Along the streets of Alexandria, Virginia - streets where Washington once walked - the country's LARGEST President's Day Parade is held.  You can also spend time exploring the historic sites of the old town, that all played important roles in the colonial periods, and the Civil War! 

As well as the parade, Alexandria also host festival events across February, including FREE walking tours and an 18th century ball!

The parade runs from 1pm - 3pm

Celebrate at Mount Vernon!


It's not just a day of celebrations in Virginia's Mount Vernon - it's a weekend!

On February 17-18, you can celebrate in style as you enjoy hoecakes made over the open fire, observe wreath laying at George Washington's actual tomb, and even listen to members of the Washington family tell stories about the man himself!

There are great educational experiences for the kids too.

On Monday February 19th, you can enjoy FREE admission to Mount Vernon, watch Continental soldiers conduct a marching drill, and enjoy character performances to really get you in the historical mood.

Feb 17 & 18: 9am - 4pm

Feb 17: 5:30pm - 11pm - George Washington's Birthnight Banquet & Ball

Feb 19: 9am - 5pm

For more information explore their website

Explore the Presidency Exhibit at the American History Museum!

📷: American History Museum

History really is brought to life at Washington DC's American History Museum!

The exhibit at the Smithsonian Natural Museum of American History explores the lives and contributions of the 43 American men who led the nation in the past 200 years!

The exhibit features over 900 objects and artifacts that bring to life what being a president actually meant!

It's one of the most popular Smithsonian museums and when you visit, you'll see why!

For more information, check out their website!

Visit Mount Rushmore!

What better way to celebrate presidents, than to experience four of them standing tall in front of you!

Head to South Dakota and you can see the incredibly iconic Mount Rushmore, where you can see George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, 60ft high right in front of your very eyes!

Built in 1941, this man made wonder features a museum with interactive exhibits, as well as a walk way around the statues so you can see them in all their glory up close. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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