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12 Fun Learning Activities for Kids

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Join us as we dive into 12 fun learning activities for kids! (Yes, they can be fun and educational!)

While kids need downtime to have fun and be kids, it's also a great idea to create kids' activities that are fun yet educational. You're ensuring your kids remember what they've learned by making learning fun. Plus, it may even encourage your kids to help you develop more fun ideas for learning activities. 

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Here we explore 12 fun learning activities for kids.

Perform a Science Experiment at Home

a small boy in a lab coat drops some liquid into a test tube

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These science experiments don't have to be complex – you can make them simple and educational simultaneously. Try making slime at home to show your kids how different ingredients can form together and make a completely different item. If you have older kids, they can learn about viscosity. Use food coloring to make funky colored slime for an even more exciting activity.

Choose a New Spot on the World Map Weekly

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You can still make it fun to learn about geography from the comfort of your home. Try having your child (or children) select one place on the world map each week to learn about. If you want to take it a step further, you can select a recipe for which the chosen destination is known and recreate it in your kitchen.

If you're learning about U.S. states, consider taking your family to one or two states your kids were most excited to learn about.

Teach Kids About Sight Words

Sight words are words that you see most often in the categories of reading and writing. These words include I, some, each, who, this, and more. Children are advised to memorize these words. You can help them memorize by playing a game with flashcards. Set rewards at every five or ten flashcards your child knows as a fun way to motivate them.

Repurpose the Twister Game

Repurposing old games into educational activities is an excellent way to make learning fun! Twister is a great game to repurpose as it helps get your kids moving. You can use Twister to teach your children about patterns.

During each turn, you can tap out a pattern for them on the Twister mat. See which one of your children can follow the correct pattern every time. This game is also great for when your kids have friends over – you can turn it into a friendly competition.

Help Your Kids Come Up With a Play

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If writing is not a favorite subject for your kids, try having them craft a play that they can perform via puppet show later. By having your kids brainstorm and write about a play they came up with, you're allowing them to show off their creativity.

If they’re still learning the alphabet, guide them through all the letters. You can help them develop their writing skills and learn their letters simultaneously.

Read Books Together

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One of the best ways to improve reading skills is by reading. This works for older and younger children. You'll want to use a more hands-on way of improving their reading skills with younger kids. Sit next to them and help them sound out the words.

With older kids, you can have them read a chapter or two out loud to you. This also helps build their confidence.

Use a Coloring Book to Identify Colors

Coloring is a great pastime for kids; it allows them to be creative and can also aid in improving fine motor skills. For younger kids, coloring is an excellent way to help them identify colors. Take time to color with your children and ask them about the colors they’re using as you make your way through each picture.

You can even add some questions like, "what is the typical color of a giraffe?"

Play Games for Counting Skills

You can play various games to help your kids develop their counting skills. Try showing them a child menu for food and having them count the number of burgers available. You can use nearly any item, from blocks to barbies and fruit. Try having them count the M&M colors in a pack for a sweet reward and fun activity. Each color they count successfully, they can eat.

Have Fun With Instruments

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Whether you make a homemade instrument like a tissue box guitar (using rubber bands) or purchase an instrument for your child, you'll be helping them create a healthy way to deal with emotions. Playing music also helps kids show off their creativity. If you don’t want to put your kids in music lessons, you can have them play with a kazoo or tambourine. They’ll still benefit from playing these types of instruments.

Start a Home Garden

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Home gardens are always a fun activity. The whole family can dig in the dirt and plant flowers and produce; what's not to like? Creating a home garden helps teach your children multiple things, from patience to responsibility.

It's great if you can get your children outside. However, you can easily create an indoor garden if it's a rainy day or you don't have extra space outside. Purchase some pots, dirt, and seeds, and get to work! Your family will have so much fun watching your plants grow and progress.

Make Math Fun

Yes, even learning math can be fun! Knowing what motivates your kid to be excited about math is vital. Perhaps they are motivated by competition. If so, you can print out multiplication, addition, subtraction, or division practice worksheets and have your children compete to see who can finish the worksheet first.

Go to Cultural Events

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It's never too early to have your children learn about other cultures. Heading to a cultural event or festival is an excellent way for your kids to learn about traditions, dances, and more from various cultures.

If food is available, skip the child menu and have your kids try traditional food. Enjoying authentic food allows your kids to try new foods and learn about other cultures through cuisine.

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We hope you enjoyed this article on 12 Fun Learning Activities For Kids. These educational activities are free or require a small amount of money, making them budget-friendly options.

Stay tuned for additional blogs that offer activity ideas, celebrity history, and more!

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