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10 Tips to Help You Save Money on Gas

Aug 05,2022read

Use these ten tips to help you save money on gas while fuel costs are high.

This year, gas prices have hit an all-time high, making it more challenging to fuel up for everything from road trips to everyday activities, like heading to the grocery store. Using the tips below to help you save money on gas, you can make it a little bit easier on your wallet.

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Combat Gas Prices With Cash

Some gas station options offer a discount for using cash over debit or credit cards since they aren’t charged fees for accepting cash. Check out the gas stations near your home or workplace and see which offers this type of discount. Even gas stations you find on your way home could be a great option to help save a few bucks.

Use Gas Rewards Cards at Gas Stations

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Often, gas station companies have a rewards card that you can use, which provides a few cents off per gallon. You can typically sign up for these rewards cards at individual gas station locations. You'll also find some grocery store chains that partner with gas station companies to provide gas discounts when purchasing groceries.

Fill Up on Cheap Gas Days

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You've likely noticed that gas prices change depending on demand. For example, they're always higher right before holidays. These prices vary throughout the week, with Mondays generally offering the cheapest gas during the week, according to GasBuddy (a navigation and travel app).

Remember that this note is based on national data trends over the past few years. Your local gas stations may have cheaper gas on different days during the week. Try to keep an eye out as you travel to work to decipher which days feature the best gas prices.

Use a Gas App

Skip hunting for the lowest gas prices for your vehicle by downloading a gas app that will help you find the best gas prices nearby. These gas apps compare gas prices from every gas station around, so you don't have to. You can also check out gas prices using Google maps, allowing you to see gas prices before your trip or while driving.

Get Better Gas Mileage by Driving Slowly

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You can get better gas mileage by going the speed limit, avoiding hard stops, and accelerating slowly. If you avoid smaller streets and go on the highway more often, you'll also save gas. Driving on the highway generally boosts fuel efficiency, as you typically drive one speed for longer periods and can avoid accelerating and braking hard.

Use Cruise Control When Possible

Opting for cruise control is a great way to make your car more fuel-efficient, though this option is best when driving long distances. For example, road trips are the perfect time to switch on cruise control. It's also an excellent tool when driving on the highway for longer spurts of time.

The key to properly using cruise control, so it's most efficient, is selecting a speed that works best for your car. Once selected, you can turn on cruise control and continue for as long as possible.

Try Keeping Air Conditioning Use to a Minimum

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Of course, you'll want to use air conditioning in hotter weather. However, using air conditioning can reduce your car's fuel efficiency. This reduction in fuel efficiency is especially true on shorter drives, like the grocery store or for local errands.

You might be tempted to drive with the windows down instead. Unfortunately, this can also alter the efficiency of your car as it creates drag. Instead, there are a few things that you can do to stay cool and keep your car fuel-efficient as you drive.

·       Don't let your car idle as you let the a/c cool down the car. It's best to start driving immediately, as the a/c will cool down the car quickly when you're driving. It's a win-win situation when using this tip, a cooler car, faster and less fuel waste.

·       If you're driving on the highway, it's a great time to use the a/c. Otherwise, you can opt to drive with your windows open for shorter drives. This will also help you in pursuing fuel-efficient drives.

Avoid Premium Gas

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Choosing premium gas at the gas pump is usually not necessary. It doesn't typically help cars' performance, and most cars don't require this type of gas. Instead, you can save money by selecting a lower gas grade to fill your gas tank.

There is an exception to this tip; if your car requires premium gas, you'll need to fill up your tank with this gas grade. Otherwise, it will be more detrimental than beneficial. Make sure to follow the recommendations from your car manufacturer.

Change Parking Habits Depending on the Weather

Surprisingly, where you park will change your fuel efficiency. This note applies to people who live in areas that feature hot and cold weather, like the Midwest. It's best to avoid driving with a cold engine when possible. This could mean parking in the garage instead of on the street during colder weather.

Conversely, when the weather is hotter, you'll want to park in the shade where possible. Any parking spot that keeps your engine from getting too hot or too cold is ideal for ensuring your car is more fuel-efficient.

As a bonus tip, avoid hunting for parking spots, as you'll save more gas by selecting the first available spot you find.

Keep Your Car’s Weight Down

Your car's weight is something to consider when trying to use less fuel. The heavier your car is, the more fuel it's using. If you're not constantly using bike racks, storage bins, canoes, or any other items strapped to your car, remove them when possible. Removing any extra weight will help your car burn less gas when you use it.

The above tips will help you save extra money on gas this summer by finding the cheapest gas options and keeping your car as fuel-efficient as possible. These tips and tricks help keep your wallet happy so that you can have more money for groceries or even fun summer activities. Give them a try and see how they affect your gas expenses!

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