Kids – don’t let the bed bugs bite, there won’t be room after a visit to Tyler Aboretum this summer!

David Roger’s BIG BUGS are enormous, anatomically accurate sculptures of insects, made by hand from natural materials by Long Island sculptor David Rogers.

This awesome exhibit includes Education Stations highlighting the outsize role played by these tiny inhabitants of the natural world. They’ll be at Tyler from June 3 to August 29.

David Roger’s BIG BUGS introduces visitors to a 17ft long dragonfly, and to a 4ft wide spider in a 15ft web – eeeek!


Imagine the family picnic with ants 25ft long!!

The exhibit includes the following larger-than-life sculptures, accompanied by Education Stations designed to teach and inspire:

· 3 giant ants (25 ft. long)

· Daddy long legs (17 ft. high)

· Praying mantis (18 ft. long)

· Spider and its web (12 ft. wide)

· Dragonfly (17 ft. wide)

· Assassin bug (7 ft. long)

· Damsel fly (10 ft. long)

· Grasshopper (11 ft. long)

For more information, check out the official website!

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