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Wilderness Drive Through Safari

Gentry, AR

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Address: 20892 Safari Rd, Gentry, AR 72734, USA Number: 479 736-8383 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Did you know that you don't need to head all the way to Africa to experience an exciting safari surrounded by exotic animals? You just need to head to Gentry, Arkansas!

We're not kidding! Wilderness Drive-Through Safari is a fun way for the family to feel like you are on those vast plains of the Savannah. Here, you get to explore 400 acres in the comfort of your own car, as you take on the 4 mile drive through the natural environment, large ponds and that beautiful Arkansas landscape!

Have you ever seen a black bear in person, or watched those African Lions man their pride? There are so many incredible species that kids can come face to face with, and some might come say hello right to your car window!

They might see their favorites, from the leopards, to wolves, wildebeest and zebra - and there might be some they have never heard of before. Have you ever seen a oryx, or know what a liger is? Perhaps you might discover the ankole-watusi!

If the safari wasn't enough, when you have completed your adventure kids can head to the walk through petting parks for some hands-on fun with more adorable animals. Here, kids can walk among the giraffes, chimpanzees, donkeys, deer, and even kangaroos!

If THAT wasn't enough, they can really take animal encounters to the next level with the seasonal pony and camel rides!

So kids, get those explorer hats on, and grab those cameras because at Wilderness Drive Through Safari, we're going on an adventure!

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$10 (Ages 3-12)


Free Under

2 years


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Take your camera! Binoculars are a good idea too

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Make sure you stay in your vehicles during the driving safari!

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They have a snack bar with snacks, candy and soft drinks

Healthy Eating There are picnic tables in the walk through area where you can enjoy your own lunch!

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Teachers corner


Why not take the students! Just give them a call to arrange your day! It's great for learning

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The drive through is in your own vehicle, so if you are okay there you will be fine. If you have questions about accessibility for the other activities, just give them a call!

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9am - 5pm daily

Year round, including holidays

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