The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Keenesburg, CO

Where are we going?

The Wild Animal Sanctuary
1946 Co Rd 53
CO 80643


What is there to do?

Are you ready to explore the LARGEST carnivore sanctuary in the WORLD? Well, it's right in the heart of Denver, Colorado, and it's The Wild Animal Sanctuary.  This great family attraction is where you can visit with 450 rescued lions, bears, tigers and wolves, as well as other large carnivores, all living and roaming freely on a stunning 720 acres.

Does that sound pretty impressive? That's because it is!

The Wild Animal Sanctuary rescues these amazing animals from steel cages and concrete pits, and restores them back to health, all the while giving them a place to roam and play freely in nature. How they should be living!

They can even finally be at home with others of the same species, which they might have never had the chance to do before!

The wonderful thing about kids visiting The Wild Animal Sanctuary is that they can really connect with the animals, and each animal has it's own story. They can learn that invaluable lesson of why it's so important to look after the animals that call Earth home!

The sanctuary has a very strong goal of rescuing and caring for animals, as well as educating people on the crisis of wildlife in captivity - so they would love to have you visit!

Anyone who really cares deeply for the animals, and donates on a regular basis can visit the sanctuary free of charge, or new visitors are more than welcome to purchase admission to learn about what they do!

It's a beautiful experience not only for kids to come face to face with some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, but for them to connect with them on another level, and gain a deeper understanding of how special these creatures are - and how we need to care for them.

An amazing day out in Colorado for the whole family, where every visit helps support the welfare of our wildlife's future. 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $30 + animal care donation

Children: $15 (Ages 3-12) + animal care donation

Discount: Regular donators to the sanctuary receive free admission

Free Under: 3 years


Need a little extra help?

Give them a call to discuss the accessibility of the sanctuary


When can we go?

9am - sunset

Open daily except July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, New Years Day and Christmas Day


Any top tips?

Since it takes three to six hours to go through the entire facility, they recommend all visitors arrive no later than 4 hours prior to posted closing times. Many people arrive late and are forced to leave prematurely due to the Sanctuary having to close - so please plan to come early - especially during winter months! Generally, if you want to visit from November through April, you should plan to arrive at the Sanctuary no later than 12:00 PM. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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