Water Wizz of Westerly

Westerly, RI

Where are we going?

Water Wizz of Westerly
357 Atlantic Ave
RI 02891

401 322 0520

What is there to do?

Get ready to make a splash, and we mean literally! Water Wizz of Westerly is 1000 feet of Rhode Island thrills and spills for any age! Who knew the beach could be so exciting!

Water Wizz of Westerly is a popular way for the entire family to cool down over summer - and there certainly are enough attractions to help you do that!

Love a good water slide? How about a GIANT water slide! You can race around corners, and head through dips to make that huge splash as you land in the pool below! 

Got a bit of competition in you? Then why not head for that Speed Slide which lets you race your friends a whopping 50 feet down a super fast slippery slide. Thrill seekers, this one is for you! See how fast you can go as you rocket into the huge pool below - then you can see how far you can actually skid across the water when you get there! 

A super fun way to challenge your friends!

For those water babies under 43 inches that can't take on the big kid rides, then the Little Dipper slide is right up your alley! It's designed to allow kids to have their own sized thrills - and just as much fun!

With some turns, and twists, those little ones with splash down in their own superized pool, and you know what they say...Little Dipper...BIG fun!

New England has some amazing summers, so on those lovely hot summer days, head on over to Water Wizz of Westerly to see how much you really can cool down! 

Make that SPLASH! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $13 unlimited rides for 40 minutes. $30 all day pass.

Children: Same as adult

Discount: $13 for 10am arrival, gets you 1hr 40 minutes fun


Need a little extra help?

If you do have special needs, just give them a call to see what help they can offer!


When can we go?

Weekends only in Spring weather permitting. Summer 10am - 6pm.

Memorial Day to Labor Day


Any top tips?

Don't forget that sunscreen and those hats! The sun can be very strong.

Healthy Eating

It never hurts to have that bottled water in your bag to stay hydrated, and some healthy snacks.

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