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    Fun, fun, fun! The best word I can think to describe our experience zipping through the trees with VA Canopy Tours is just plain old “fun”. Ziplining is by far not the most exciting activity I’ve participated in and I was a little skeptical that it would be all that entertaining. Then,enter our guide Becky. She was awesome hilarious! She pulled out some of the most ridiculous questions and jokes to keep us laughing and engaged the entire 3 hrs. I’m writing this review simply to give her credit for keeping us well entertained during all the waiting that we had to do (you’re in a large grp and only one person can be on the zipline at a time). She also taught us a ton of little factiods (she used to teach a nature course to kids) – bonus points in my book. Last, but not least, she showed us how to bang out some pretty solid moves in our harnesses. Our other guide had laryngitis, but she tried as best her voice could handle to talk us up and make us feel welcome. All in all, it was a great experience with a fun guide that I would recommend to anybody.