Valley Paintball Field

Donna, TX

Where are we going?

Valley Paintball Field
3207 Vaughn Rd
TX 78537

956 464 5559

What is there to do?

You're all set - you have your target.  Your face is painted camouflage so your opponents won't see you.  You can feel your heart pumping.  You have spotted your target, and make a dash!  Sprinting across the ground you hear the sounds of the sticks and leaves crushing underneath you!  You opponent hears you, and turns around raise your paintball gun and shoot - and at the same time, so do they! You both get hit!  You are a lovely shade of yellow and they are splattered with blue! 

And so begins paintball - the super energetically fun game that Valley Paintball Field can offer! They have two recreational paintball fields - one can accommodate 10 x 10 play, and the other can accommodate 5 x 5 - so it's great for the whole family to get involved! 

There are a number of packages you can pick from - with even the basic package giving you 500 rounds!  You can also rent additional protection if you want it, as well as additional rounds.

If you give them a call, they might be able to host night paint ball for you too! Can you even imagine what that would be like!? 

Paintball is a great, fun team exercise where kids have to work together as a team to beat the opponents.  They need to communicate, coordinate and strategize, so it can also develop vital skills they need later in life, as well as keeping them fit and healthy!  

Mmmm…breath in that fresh Texan air….and GO! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: Basic packages from $20

Children: Basic packages from $20


When can we go?

Friday to Sunday 12pm - 9pm

Can open with reservations


Any top tips?

You can pick up extra paintballs (field grade and tournament grade), as well as additional padding. For those beginners extra padding is recommended. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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