Tumbleweeds Gymnastics Carson City

Carson City, NV

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Address: 3633 Research Way #104, Carson City, NV 89706, USA Number: (775) 841-4962 Website Contact How do we get there?

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You COULD...just stay inside and play video games and watch television. could get out to Tumbleweeds Gymnastics and have a great, fun and active day! We opt for the latter!

Tumbleweeds Gymnastics is not just for those gymnasts.  They aim to develop fitness, coordination and self-esteem by getting you out building skills and taking on physical challenges.  You will come away with a great sense of achievement! 

There are gymnastic classes for even the littlest - catering for those 6 months old and up.  Parents, you get to join in the classes with your really little ones in the Parent N Tot classes (up to 2 years old).  Here, you form a team and work together.

For those 3 year old tumbling tots there is Tumble Tots (fitting name!) where they can begin to build their foundation to participate independently in sports.

The 4 year olds can enjoy Tumble Tricks, while the 5 year olds can enjoy Tumble Twisters.

Those over 6 years have separate programs designed to teach them about gymnastics and will start to develop their skills not only on the apparatus, but also their strength, flexibility, self-esteem and fitness. 

So every age level is really targeted for their needs.

There is a long bounce floor where kids can bounce until their hearts are content, as well as tumbling sessions if they want to test themselves a little. 

Kids - if you really love the sport or find you are really good at it (we bet you will be!) then you can join a team and try out in championships!  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing yourself improve in a sport!  

Go get 'em!

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Drop in fees from $15. Class fees from $45. Monthly fees apply.



If you have more than one child you obtain discounts.


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They also have a cheerleading program! Give me a T! Give me a U!....

Any top tips?


If you love the experience, you can hold your birthday party here! There are 3 packages you can choose from, and additional extras just to make it perfect. Have a bouncing tumbling birthday!

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Where is it at?


Let the tumbling begin! Well, once you reach 3663 Research Way in Carson City (Suite 104).

Teachers corner


There are really fun kids camps and summer camps where kids will play games, build forts, watch movies, and just have a great time!

Need a little extra help?


Give them a call if you have questions about accessibility!

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When can we go?

Class times vary, so call with any interest in classes.

Open year round

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