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    I had my daughters 2nd birthday there and I was really disappointed. The toddler space was woefully inadequate, most of the play structures were way too big for the kids under age 5. There were NO HIGHCHAIRS in the party room, which I couldn’t believe. It felt very rushed and the staff were teenage girls on their phones the entire time. I would not recommend this place for a party.

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    How perfect for my 3 year old Daughter ! She can run free, and I can chill on the couches, and just laugh ! The price is right too !

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    I just had my soon-to-be 5-yr old’s birthday party at the Klubhouse. I only saw pictures of it online, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. At first, I thought it looked a bit small, but after all the kids came, it was really perfect – and there were about 14 active kids there. The staff did a great job setting up and cleaning up. The only thing I thought might help was for them to make sure at least 1 staff person was at the desk at all times. Some of our guests came in, and they didn’t know where to put gifts, where to leave jackets, if shoes needed to come off, etc. But the staff people were really nice. We also had 2 toddlers there, and they had a great time too.

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    I took my 15 month old there on a holiday weekday since her daycare was closed. I expected it to be crowded with like-minded parents, but the place was nearly deserted. That was a pleasant surprise as was the separate toddler room that we had all to ourselves. The toddler room had a miniature size inflatable jumper thing with a motor that was constantly running. The toddler room was pretty small, so the motor was incredibly loud and I worried that that wouldn’t be good for my little one’s hearing for very long. The other thing that I found very concerning was that one of the toys actually had some exposed wires where the fabric had ripped. The couches in the toddler room were very uncomfortable and stained, but it wasn’t like I could relax too much there anyway since I was chasing her around to keep her away from the toy with the wires. We ended up spending only about 30 minutes there before my ears couldn’t take the noise and she was starting to get bored — not exactly worth the $7 to get in. I didn’t really check out the rest of the place for the bigger kids, but I won’t be taking a toddler back there. Too bad because it’s hard to find places like this that have so many hours of open play time. We had a better time at the crowded and free play area at the Natick Mall.