Splashdown Family Waterpark

Spokane Valley, WA

Where are we going?

Splashdown Family Waterpark
11127 E Mission Ave
Spokane Valley
WA 99206

509 924 3079

What is there to do?

Ready to have a very COOL summer with the family? Why not head to Splashdown Family Waterpark, as they have a TON of water fun just waiting for YOU!

Are you excited to hear about some of the things to do at this super fun water filled day out adventure? How about we start with the Water Wars!

Whether you take this as a game or a competition, Water Wars lets you and your opponents head to battle stations with buckets and water balloons. That just screams trouble!

Place the balloon in the launcher, aim...and FIRE! You might get sprayed, sprinkled or soaked. Whatever the result, you know that it's a battle with soaking fun all around!

Have the need for speed? How about Fastball! This new attractions lets you compete against friends, to see who can make it down a SCARY six stories the fastest! You can even check the radar gun at the end to see how fast you really went!

Maybe you feel ready to blast down four stories of zooming flume, before taking on a high velocity vortex into the cool waters at the bottom. Or perhaps you prefer the unexpected loops, embankments and drops of the Spokane Falls, with FOUR long body slides...400 foot long!

If you have little ones in the family, don't worry too much, because Petey Lil' Puffer Fish Lagoon is where they want to head! Here, those little puffer fish can enjoy 3 pools and 4 slides - all kiddie appropriate.

So much water fun to be had in Washington. Summer never felt so cool!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $16.99 + tax

Children: $12.99 + tax (Under 48")

Discount: Seniors, and family night

Free Under: 3 years.


Need a little extra help?

Speak to Guest Services when you arrive to see what attractions are suitable for you


When can we go?

11am - 6pm Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat / 11am - 8pm Tues & Thurs / 12pm - 6pm Sun

May to September


Any top tips?

Grab a Splash Cash wristband, where you can top up with money, so you don't have to worry about kids losing that cash, or spending too much!

I’m Hungry!

The Barefoot Grill offers a reasonable menu of hot and cold refreshments, from hot dogs, nachos and pretzels, and burgers! Value meals available too.

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