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    Great place for birthday parties. We had our daughter’s 7th birthday party there. It was so much fun watching the kids trying to skate with 4 wheels and watching the adults remembering when they were in junior high. The service was great and was above and beyond what we expected. We had a blast.

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    Marty’s place is the BEST!!!! Me and my family miss it so very much. Great atmosphere, music, people of all ages and just good family fun. I wish all other rinks were a cool and collective as this one. Never seen any disruptions during my years there. It is the MOST AWESOME PLACE and we hope to go back and visit there soon. We Miss you ALL!!!!! ☺♥☺♥☺♥

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    is a awesome place to have birthday partys, have fun with friends and family, very nice workers and people, family friendly,

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