Sioux City Art Center Hands On Gallery

Sioux City, IA

Where are we going?

Sioux City Art Center Hands On Gallery
225 Nebraska St
Sioux City
IA 51101


What is there to do?

Art is amazing! It can be made of anything, come in any colors, and there is no right and wrong answer! (And kids, it's a great excuse to often get your hands messy and colorful!)

The Junior League Hands-On! Gallery in the Sioux City Art Center is a fun and interactive gallery for those creative kids (and those creative adults!) where they can become introduced to the fun and fascinating world of art.

The HUGE 1,800 square foot gallery gives all who visit a chance to get really hands-on with the various qualities and techniques of the art world: color, shape, line and texture.

Want to know what fun things you can do during your visit? Here goes!

Ever heard of a zoetrope? You soon will, AND you can have a go at creating animation with it! You can try your hand at assembling puzzle shapes to re-create famous works of art.

Love Lego? Just as well there is a 6 foot (yep - 6 foot!) Lego tower on which you can construct an ever-changing sculpture, and you can jump on one of their four computers and try and create some artistic designs of your own! 

We haven't finished yet! Are you excited?

You can learn about mixing vibrant colors on a super cool light table, and even draw a self-portrait in the mirror. There's a magnet wall, wooden blocks, and LOTS more! 

Art is so important for kids! It lets them create, experiment, and most importantly express themselves. The Junior League Hands-On! Gallery is a really fun and great place for all those who love art (and who have yet to really experience it) to come and touch, learn, explore, and have FUN! 

Need a little extra help?

The Art Center is barrier free! There are also wheelchairs available on request.


When can we go?

10am to 4pm Tues, Weds, Fri & Sat; 10am to 9pm Thursday; 1 to 4pm Sunday

Closed Mondays and Holidays,


Any top tips?

The Center can hold your birthday party for you! Get those friends all involved in your very artistic birthday. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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