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    Normally “tiny/Quaint” Museums are NOT my thing. I have been to Wine Country so often though, that for my wifes first trip I told her to just pick from whatever she thought would be cool…. Thus we ended up at this place… When we first walked in,it was clear that the Docent was a very grouchy sort, but that can be amusing (except for the teenage girl that was touching everything in sight in the gift shop). Anyhow the Museum is a retrospective of the life of several men that helped found the Sonoma/Napa Valley and has very interesting artifacts/letters and what not. There is a humongous Miniture Diarama, and some great old pictures. They seem to stress the ties the men had to the Mormans then at the end say they really werent Mormans, which is irrational.PROS? Very neat and clean inside… CONS? There was a display case with Ben Sharpsteens Oscar and the Docent would not open it for me to touch (totally out of line) and before anyone says anything, she had the keys there was no one around, and how many people ask.