ShadowLand Family Entertainment Center

Alexandria, VA

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Where are we going?

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Address: 5508 Franconia Rd, Alexandria, VA 22310, USA Number: 703-921-1004 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Suit up - it's laser time!  ShadowLand has a crazy HUGE multi-level arena where you work as a team or an individual and try and complete your mission through a semi-dark, fog-filled arena pumping with music!
For those combatants over 6 years old, you can make your way through bridges, tunnels and ramps which create an exciting 3D environment that you can score points, earn power-ups and generally show off your stealth combat moves!
You often need to work as a team to win, and strategize with each other to beat your opponents.
To celebrate your super awesome win, you can head to the fun redemption arcade where you can enjoy earning tickets through all the video games and trade them for super awesome prizes! 
If you just loved the laser experience you can take on the Laser Maze Challenge with its "Mission Impossible" style room with laser beams which you have to try and avoid breaking!  Get through the maze and back to the entrance again in the shortest time and you get your name as Top Player!  Cool! 
Fancy being a rock star?  Then head to Rock and Roll Karaoke and perform until your lungs are sore!  You can even get a professional recording of the experience.  
For some creative fun, you can visit "Create-a-Friend" where you have a full-sized retail outlet to choose, build and design your own stuffed animal!
It's a great way to spend time as a group, so if you wanted to experience this with your friends, you can go on down and have your birthday party there.  Maybe you might even play against them! 

Good luck! 

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One Adventure $7.75 / Two Adventures $14.75 / Three Adventures $20.50



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Any top tips?


Make sure you wear open toe shoes! Your team will be depending on you to keep up with them, and you can't run fast with poorly feet!

I'm Hungry!


If you need to re-energize with pizza, make sure you order them 30 minutes before you will want to eat as they are made to order. Otherwise there is a small concession stand to get snacks!

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Where is it at?


Let the laser action begin! Just get to 5508 Franconia Road in Alexandria. Just look for the kids with massive smiles on their faces!

Teachers corner


Even though kids love to come and play, they don't realize they are actually learning communication, strengthening their team-work skills, learning to strategize and honing their reflexes - so it makes for a great field trip experience.

Can I get one of those?


Sports bottles, frisbees and even piggy banks are all available to purchase to celebrate your win!

Need a little extra help?


ShadowLand is handicap accessible - but just give the lovely staff a call before you arrive and they can help you with any of your needs!

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When can we go?


Mon 11am - 6pm / Tues - Thurs 11am - 10pm / Friday 11am - midnight / Sat 10am - midnight / Sun 10am

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