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    Lovely! Gorgeous woodwork, interesting history and we were lucky enough to meet one of the ghosts!

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    There is a real Egyptian mummy on the third floor!!!

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    Rosemount Museum in Pueblo, CO was a fabulous adventure for my wife and I. We both love all things Victorian, and this house had it all! The multiple rooms, each decked in their own exotic wood were perfectly preserved, and a beauty for the eye to behold. Among the more memorable items in the house besides the tremendous woodwork and architecture was the intercom system that connected each room of the house with the kitchen. No electricity was used to keep the connections open, they were a series of pipes and caps. To talk to a specific room of the house, open the cap and speak into the horn. Your voice was carried through the piping to the room you had selected. The mixture of gas and electric lighting in the house was intriguing also. It’s hard to imagine a time when electricity was only available a few hours a day, and you had to decide whether to use gas lighting or electric.The staff on hand was quite knowledgeable and made the tour interesting. I highly recommend this stop in Pueblo to anyone who is a fan of extensively detailed woodwork and Victorian homes.