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    Was not impressed. Though they DO have really nice play equipment and area, I went mostly for my kids to socialize. We were the only ones there for the most of the day, with some kids rolling in and just staying for half an hour to an hour (it’s expensive by golly, why pay for a full day and spend so little time?). When some children came in I got very paranoid because a family of three kids came in with a cough. They did not enforce a sick free play place. The dad was coughing very noticeably too and very congested. The woman at the front (second woman on shift of the day) had no excuse of not knowing. The first woman on shift at the front was very responsible though, and sanitized toys every 15 minutes to half an hour though. I guess it really depends on who’s on shift. Anyway, great equipment but not necessarily a great place to keep your kids healthy or socialize unless coming with friends.