Pump It Up Newport

Newport, DE

Where are we going?

Pump It Up Newport
103 S James St
DE 19804

302 998 1144

What is there to do?

Are you ready to pump it up!?  We couldn't hear you!  We asked if you were ready!

For those 34" and up to 12 years, you can spend your day bouncing until your heart's content!

With the open jump, you don't need to wait for a birthday party to go and celebrate!  Just celebrate the fact that you have an amazing family, and are really happy and healthy!

Fun, colorful and of course massive inflatables are there waiting for you to jump, bounce and climb all over!  Burn off all that energy you have as you use your imagination to take to you weird and wonderful places!

There are a number of open jump events for you too, like the Ice Cream Jump - no, this doesn't mean you jump IN the ice cream!  It would be so cold!  It's a special event where you can enjoy the colorful party room with your favorite ice cream treat!   Or perhaps you want the Freaky Friday Glow Jump, where you jump in arenas that are glow in the dark!  How cool is that!  

Or perhaps...the Pizza Jump!  No....not where you jump on a pizza!  Here you have a ton of fun bouncing, then have a ton of fun eating!  Parents - you can get in on the act too and purchase slices to pizza to enjoy with your kids!

There are also Summer Open Jumps where you can enjoy the extended summer hours!  

You can also celebrate your birthday here, and bounce into your next year with all your friends!  Pretty cool! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: Reserve open jump for the prices

Children: Reserve open jump for the prices


When can we go?

Open times vary - usually 9am - 7pm with open jump sessions within that (10am - 11:30pm / 4pm - 5:30

Check the times before you visit


Any top tips?

They often have deals which include food and drink, or pajama parties, so keep an eye out for those!

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