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Playland Adventures

Brewer, ME

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Address: 510 Wilson St, Brewer, ME 04412, USA Number: 207 989 6611 Website Contact How do we get there?

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We LOVE indoor play centers! Why? Because whether it's sun, snow, rain or wind, you can still have a great day playing! Never mind waiting for summer, because at Playland Adventures, there is year round fun!

Playland Adventures is a HUGE indoor play center filled with colorful inflatables, and fun kids attractions, where the admission gets you ALL DAY play. How cool is that! They even offer re-admisison, which is even more fun!

The center has a host of kids fun to be had. Kids will love climbing up the small rock wall, and sliding down the other side again! They might come across some fun obstacles on the way too - great for a kiddie sized challenge!

The red, white and blue obstacle course is a great way for kids to race their friends - and see who is best at dodging obstacles too! Who will get to the other side first!

Creep into the jungle with Jungle Adventure, a fun jump house featuring a very cute elephant, and Airborne Adventure is perfect for those younger kids. Here, they can step inside a shuttle, get strapped into a very cool safety parachute, and then actually get LIFTED up into the air to get a birds eye view of the entire play center. Amazing!

There is SO much to enjoy! Kids can enjoy jousting, or climb aboard a pirate ship, endure the Lagoon of Doom, or try and ride a mechanical bull!

There are areas just for under 2s, and under 5s, so there are places to go if your child wants to be just with kids their own age.

One of the largest indoor play centers in Maine, Playland Adventure is an amazing experience for the kids! Let's get playing!

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$5 - $13. Some activities extra cost.


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Adults can play too!

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Make sure you bring socks!

I'm Hungry!


Outside food and drink isn't allowed, but they have food there to enjoy! From burgers, to pizza, to nachos, candy and ice cream, there is plenty to keep that energy up!

Healthy Eating They have veggie burgers available, as well as whole gluten free pizzas

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Can you have a birthday party? Yes! They have birthday packages that you can enjoy, so you can get the best one for you!

Need a little extra help?


If you have special needs, just speak to staff when you arrive and see how they can help with what you need!

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10am - 7pm Sun to Fri / 10am - 8pm Sat

All year round

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