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Kids, why wait to grow up and be an adult, when you can spend the day pretending to be one at Play Town!

This fun Arkansas indoor play center allows kids under 8 years to channel their inner adult, and make believe in various grown up roles! It's interactive fun at it's best, where the imaginations can run WILD!

Not only that, parents can join in too, working with the kids and helping them with their all important development!

Play Town has sixteen individual interactive areas, each one with a different theme, so kids can really play until their heart's content, enjoying something new each time! Perhaps they want to be an adventurous astronaut one minute, or cooking and serving at a diner the next?

It's set up and built like a whole town, so it's kiddie sized fun with real life situations!

If all of that fun wasn't enough, Play Town also features a planetarium, where kids can explore the stars and the wonders of the universe, or check in at the Vet Clinic to see how the animals are doing!

There is also a fitness center for active kids, with kiddie sized equipment that's perfect for them burning off all of that energy that we KNOW they have!

So what are you waiting for?! Kids, what will you be today? You can be ANYTHING you want, so the only thing limiting you is your imagination


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How much does it cost?



$8.75 1st adult. 2nd adult free. Additional adults $3



$8.75. Over 9 years $3


Free Under

12 months


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Where is it at?


They can be found in Suite 11

Can I get one of those?


They have a gift shop and boutique where you can pick up some fun gifts, souvenirs, books, toys, and fun dress up sets too!

Need a little extra help?


Just speak to staff about the accessibility of the activities! They will be happy to help

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When can we go?


9am - 6pm Tues - Fri / 10am - 4pm Sun. "Happy Play" 3pm - 6pm Tues - Fri

Year round. Closed Sundays, and Mondays only be private appt for groups

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