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    Not impressed at all. For the price, $150, you get a supervised 1 hr session (once or twice a week, can’t remember) for 12 weeks for your infant. I had a 5- 6 month old at the time. These periods were OK, at best, but boredom set in quick for my child. There was little variation the activities. However, the so called “open play” periods (1 hour, 3 times a week) were AWEFUL!!!!. I hated how shamelessly, they lumped infants with 5 year olds. in the same period. It was truly a very dangerous place to be for my baby–older kids (up to 7 of them) were jumping and jostling each other while their mothers paid NO attention nor bothered to correct their obnoxious, careless, or rude behaviors. Kathleen, the “manager” and “educator”, did nothing to moderate the situations either. In fact, she showed quite a bit of apathy toward safety and child well being mainly because she joined in gabbing with the mothers. I wish she showed more professionalism and concern. If you like putting your child at great risk of being kicked in the head or stomped on and you enjoy watching cliques of mothers more interesting in gabbing with each other than supervising and playing with their kids, than this is the place for you…but definately not for me! It was truly a very dissapointing experience. It’s no wonder there was such low infant attendance. Also, as warning, the play area is small and the range of activities/toys is very limited during “open play hour”. You’re discouraged from playing or touching the toys (they’re all hidden away). Kids have no choice but to run around in poorly conceived and maintained circuits (padding was awful and trip hazard abounded) and kick balls around at each others faces. My child was and still is a very mild mannered child. She wasn’t a cry baby nor was she fussy but she really didn’t like going there after about 4 visits so we never returned.