Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana

Charlo, MT

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Address: Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge, Charlo, MT 59824, USA Number: 406 644 3435 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Named after Chief Joseph Ninepipes who was a Bitterroot Salish Chief, the Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana is filled with a host of artifacts and objects that tell the story of life in the Flathead Valley and the Reservation, inclkuding early photos, artifacts and antiques representing over 100 years!

The displays within the museum contain hundreds of Western Plains Indian items which are amazing for kids to explore, all of which depict the past life of all the Tribes of Montana and surrounding states.

These items are not reproductions, but true artifacts kids can see with their very own eyes.

Because the Flathead Reservation was once opened to homesteaders, the displays at the Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana also represent the life of cowboys and early settlers, along with the fur trade and the Blackrobe missionaries.

In fact, this popular museum is home to some of the most incredible items from the old west!

From the hundreds of artifacts including clothing, photos, and weapons on display are all under one roof.

This museum has taken years to establish, making it an invaluable learning experience for all who visit, as you can see a vast array of things from western American history.

Kids can even see twenty life-sized mannequins in traditional 1880s dress, plus a large room complete with a Native American camp and wildlife.

The wildlife within the museum is just as impressive! The collection includes  a moose, black bear, ram, mountain goat, deer, wolf, grizzly, and many more, and kids can really see some animals up close that they might never normally get a chance to enjoy.

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Age 6 to 12: $5.00 / Students $6.00



Seniors & Veterans $8.00


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5 years


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A quick tour of the museum will take around an hour, so allow a couple of hours to really take it all in!

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They love having school groups visit, so make sure you book ahead of time! Reduced rates for students

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The gift shop is a great place to pick up items that reflect local history including books, jewelry, blankets and craft supplies, to clothing and fine candies made in Montana, as well as cards, posters, and prints by local artists, native beadwork, traditionally tanned hides, handcrafted bows and arrows, and more.

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Give them a call to ask about accessibility!

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Winter hours: Wednesdays through Saturdays 10am - 5pm. Extended hours in spring/summer.

Season opens March

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