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Have you ever been sailing? Pretty amazing isn't it? Now imagine yourself on a Tall Ship - those amazing boats with all the sails and intricate designs. Mystic Whaler Cruises is a company that is looking forward to getting the entire family out on the water for the day!

Sailing is such a great family experience. It not only lets you explore the ocean, but lets you see the land from a whole new perspective.

If you are just looking for a quick adventure to get a taste of the open water, Mystic Whaler Cruises offer a 3 hour luncheon day sail. On this stunning 110' ship, you can even help raise a sail or experience the thrill of having the ship's wheel in your hands! Great for kids over 5 years of age, it's a great introduction to the sailing world. 

Other shorter sailing adventures include the Sunday Brunch Sail, as well as the 5 hour Memorial Day Cruise, where you can enjoy a tasty luncheon served under the sails. 

If you want something a bit MORE special for the family, perhaps a celebration, then try the Lobster Dinner Cruise! This will take you around scenic waters, amazing lighthouses and that brilliant Fishers Island coastline!

Of course, if you wanted to explore the journey for just a little longer, Mystic Whaler Cruises offer 2 to 5 day cruises too. For those very keen sailors!

What's great about the cruises is that the team are very willing for kids to have a go, so if they want to raise a sail or learn some navigation - they can! You never know, there might be a sailor in them yet! 

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$72 and up



$72 and up


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Any top tips?


Ask to get the kids involved! They can learn navigation or try sailing themselves - the crew are very happy to accommodate!

I'm Hungry!


If you book the cruises with meals, then you don't have to worry about bringing any snacks! With salads, clam chowder, soups, and pork possibly on the menu, you will do just fine!

Healthy Eating
Let them know if you have any dietary requirements when you make your booking, and they will certainly try and accommodate.

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Where is it at?


For the purpose of GPS, you can search 25 Water Street, 06320. The ships leave and return to New London.

Need a little extra help?


If you do have any disabilities, just speak to them when you book and they can see what they can do!

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When can we go?


Tours depart at different times, but between 9am - 5pm.


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